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Nqkoi1 is currently known to be one of Kongregates artists.He is a Bulgarian graphic designer for games and co-operates with Flash programmer Antony Lavelle.A member of COCAK, moderator of kong-wiki and a forum usual on Kongregate.The following message if from his profile "Mentaly ill they tell me….".He was the leader of the Pieonauts but when he realised that it`s considered a spam group he disbanded it.Level 16 on Kongregate


4.S.T.A.R. defence
5.Gone Like the clappers
6.Neon Blaster
7.DeviantArt gallery


-A gallery of famous people on Kongregate

-Owns a site for Pie.

-Paticipated in the Halloween header contest and the new avatars contest.

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