Nobody really knows how NinjaCow came into being. Some say he has always been on Kongregate, waiting to strike. Others say that he is actually Jim Greer in disguise. What they do know is that his account was created on March 7, 2007, he is (strangely enough) a moderator, and that he immediately declared an all-out war on DrNeroCF.

The War

Although the reasons for this 'rivalry' are not clear, it is said that it started as a dispute over a woman. Whatever their reasons, DrNeroCF and NinjaCow were soon blasting away at each other in Chat. However, it soon became apparent that this was not appropriate. So, NinjaCow turned to a different outlet: making flash games. His NinjaCow Adventures World 1 depicted him defeating DrNero, and became an instant cult classic. He soon followed up with World 2, and was met with yet more enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the battle still rages on.

His Games

Aside from The NinjaCow Adventure Worlds 1 and 2, NinjaCow has submitted 6 other games.
In chronological order:

  • Bouncy Soccer, a complete ripoff of Slime Soccer, but with hilariously bad physics.
  • Keep In, an innovative "Pong" type game where you control four paddles at once.
  • The NinjaCow Adventure World 1
  • The NinjaCow Adventure World 2
  • Meteodefense, arguably his worst game, Meteodefense is an example of what happens when you are too lazy to make a game actually be fun.
  • Radioactive Cow, a continuation of his battle with DrNeroCF. After Nero released Nuclear Eagle, NinjaCow replied with this game.
  • Shoot Up Kongregate, a game created for people who are angry at Kongregate and/or Life. It allows them to use a variety of weapons to shoot the heck out of Kongregate's main page.
  • Kongrecopter, his first game incorporating Kongregate's high-scores. Kongrecopter is a remake of the classic "Helicopter" game, but with a Kongregate theme.
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