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The basics

The new version of Kongregate contains some crucial updates as:

The new AS3 API to hook you games directly into Kongregate`s server and submit highscore.
The first game this was applied to was Hexiom a game by Moonkey.The API is not only code but also a component that can be downloaded.All this was developed by arcaneCoder the most active moderator in the forums.

Next is the Badge redesign that features badge pages so there won`t be anymore lag when you open it.And this reaches for the small badge screen on users.Now each page holds up to 45 badges.Another side of the badge updates is that Greg has asked th Kongregate community to improve the graphics for them.

BETA testing for Kongai(the Kongregate collectible card game) has begun.To apply go to the cards page on Kongregate and click the apply button.For now only moderators can test it but it shouldn`t be long until normal users get access.

Last is the fact that now there is a whisper bar on profile pages so you can receive secret messages that are sent to you.This is a very good extra indeed for privicy even when your offline.

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