JudeMaverick is a wonder :D

About JudeMaverick


Well-known for his swearing and lazy moderatorship, his humor humors people and is the first 13 year old moderator. He also aspires to be a developer and is constantly "drunk" at forum posts. He is known as the creator of ConGREGate, a humor blog, and an editor of COCAK.


A fierce moderator with strictless rules, he only gives three warnings and a quick 1 hour ban. He banned himself for an hour and is one of the two moderators to do so (The other one is Eggy). He is also the dude to name the moderators, The Mod Conspiracy. He is the room owner of Prinny Land, formerly known as Curry Trotters and the Ogres of the Kissing. The room name change was due to Disgaea addiction from Greg, Alison, and JudeMaverick himself.


In order to beat arcaneCoder, he spams posts with "thought" and "meaning". He is in the top 2 forumers (arcaneCoder has the most) and has his own art style that combines cuteness, stickmans, and random Mii-like characters. He likes shading and sleeping a lot.

Real Life

He is plain lazy. Has Flash 8 and is seriously lazy.


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