Jim Greer


Jim Greer is the founder of Kongregate and also Emily Greer's 36 year old brother.


Before Kongregate

Before Kongregate, he works for Pogo.com as a consultant.


After founding Kongregate, he spends his time dedicating updating Kongregate. He apparently likes the badges system and wanted to get all of the badges


Here's a list of useless trivia:

  • Because he is sooo concentrated on his games, he goes to newly-created rooms or/and empty rooms.
  • He replies to shout by shouting at his profile
  • He was amazed by COCAK because Pogo.com has a larger community but however, it does not have a fan site. This was the first time he saw a fan site.
  • He recently got lowered to level 1 by Emily because he "banned EmilyG unjustifiably". He regained his level though.
  • Before the lowering to level 1, he was lowered by EmilyG to level 5.
  • The Flagpole, a room, was apparently inspired from Jim's school. "It was where cool kids," said Jim Greer, "smoke and take drugs."
  • He has a Facebook account
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