Emily Greer

(co-founder of Kongregate)

Emily Greer started Kongregate with her brother Jim Greer.She is referred to as the more active founder. Personal info from her account in Kongregate points out that she lives Lower Height, San Francisco and is 33 years old. She is famous for being dwarfed by Chris Pasley, because he is 6'6", while she is only 4'9".

Emily Greer currently has (at least) two accounts: one Admin (emily_greer), and one moderator (EmilyG).She changes between them a couple of time everyday for seemingly no particular reason.

Emily's job is mostly based on working with the Card Game. Controversially, she promised to release the card game in May 2007 but has continually bumped the date, now to to February 2008. Other then that, Emily spends time talking to people in the chat.

Apparently, Emily isn't very interested to develop her stats on Kongregate, since she currently has only 1 card and about 14 badges. Aside from that, she is friendly and understanding. It's hard to really meet and talk to in the chat sometimes because she changes rooms a lot.

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