Kongregate's chat window is universal across the site, allowing you to play any game and chat with other users, who may or may not be playing the same game.



The chat window also has a high score display, the ability to view a cut down profile display, the ability to mute users, and add users as your friend on the site. It also contains a full list of all users in the chat room, marking friends with stars.

Special Commands


Type "/w name message" to send a private message. e.g.:

/w greg example message

Bug Reports

Type "/bug message" to send a bug report that will be read by a staff member.

Special characters

You can write disabled characters like "<" using HTML. The "less than" sign can be written as follows"


Using these codes to bypass chat filters (as a replacement for words that get asterisk'd out) is not allowed. Line breaks and non-breaking spaces can also be typed in chat, but these are considered flooding and nuking and are also disallowed.

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